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Faculty Advisors

David Goldschmidt
Wes Turner

Spring 2018 Coordinators


Spring 2018 Mentors

  • Adeet Phanse
  • Adrian Collado
  • Alexander Schwarzberg
  • Andy Wu
  • Ayushi Mishra
  • Benjamin Wolf
  • Christine Tang
  • Colin Atkinson
  • Jacob Lane
  • Jonathan Caicedo
  • Jonathan Patsenker
  • Kathleen Burkhardt
  • Mark Robinson
  • Matthew Mawby
  • Mike Adams
  • Richi Young
  • Samad Farooqui
  • Sidney Kochman
  • Theo Rice
  • Varun Rao
  • Yuze Ma
  • Zachary Wimer

What is RCOS?

RCOS is a creative, intellectual and entrepreneurial outlet for students to use the latest open-source software platforms to develop applications that solve societal problems.

(that's our mission statement)

RCOS is also a venue for open learning and student teaching, as well as exploring the world of open source.

RCOS is anarchy

(but for real)

What does RCOS do for you

  • Unique open-ended learning experience
  • Gain valuable resume boosters
  • Huge community of skilled open source developers
  • Opportunity to work on awesome projects
  • Credit (0-4)
A Brief History of RCOS

Wes Turner

Structure : Members


Coordinators/Mentors(Internal and External)


Structure : Members

Every member gets a mentor
Ask your mentor first
You can always change mentors

Structure : Meetings

Small Group on Tuesday
Large Group on Friday

Casual Coding Sessions on Wednesday
Bonus Sessions (Workshops) on a rolling basis

Small Groups

  • Lead by a small group of mentors
  • Typically about 20 people to a small group
  • Attendance is taken (2 absences are excused)
  • Mentor freedom!

Large Groups

  • Lead by coordinators
  • Guest speakers!
  • Attendance is taken (2 absencse are allowed)
  • One large group presentation per team
  • New this semester: Lightning talks!

Casual Coding Sessions

  • Open to all! (not just members)
  • Come and work on whatever you want!
  • (not just for coding!)
  • (Every Wednesday at 4PM)
  • Bring your friends!

Bonus Sessions

  • Can take the place of a large group attendance
  • Scheduled on a rolling basis
  • (will be on the calendar)
  • More focused workshops, talks on a specific topic
  • Mostly student run, some external presenters
  • Anyone can host one! Just ask us and we'll add it to the calendar!


Getting started at RCOS

Observatory (rcos.io)

RCOS's homebrew project management system

Slack (rcos.slack.com)

RCOS's primary communication medium

0-credit SIS course

(CRN: 53081 CSCI 4963-01)

To reserve our rooms and get a roster


Finding a project


Finding a team (optional)

  • Pitch Day
  • Post on Slack
  • Talk to your mentor
  • Project Speed Dating

Start learning git (try.github.io)

Getting Help

  • #helpdesk
  • Slack
  • Mentors (Both internal and external)
  • Coordinators
  • Faculty Members

How to be successful (and get an A!)

Below are guidelines

Goals for RCOS 2018

Collaborate more with other organizations

We will be working directly with MOSSN!

Offer alternative ways to learn and get involved

Not just coding and projects

Strengthen and expand our community

Get more contributions to external projects (projects created outside RCOS)

Have more student talks and bonus sessions!

Increase longevity of RCOS projects

What happens next?

Project pitches next Friday!
Message @aeksco on slack with your slides
by 11pm on Monday (Jan. 22)
You MUST message Alex with slides!
Slides MUST be in JPEG format! (Please NO PDF, PPT/X, or Google links!)
Friday (Jan. 26) - Project speed dating! Find a project!
DO NOT wait until speed dating to look for a project! Please reach out to at least one prior
Tuesday (Jan. 30) - Proposal and URPs due!
Office Hours! Tomorrow (Wednesday the 17th), Wednesday the 24th. Get help finding projects, working on pitches and proposals!

Slide Template

What do you do now?

  • Get on rcos.io, Slack and GitHub
  • Sign up on SIS (CRN 53081 CSCI-4963-01)
  • Find a project
  • Email slides

Who do I talk to for <blank>?

Where are these slides



Let's have a great semester!!